We welcome you to the official website of Palesa Escort home of Escort Abu Dhabi, we have been catering and providing pleasure to people like yourself for a while and we are sure that you will be amazed by the dedication and commitment of our amazing sex contacts. Abu Dhabi has been a center of attraction for the entire world since the early 1900s. During 1930s it was the English that kept a close eye and interest in Abu Dhabi due to its strategic location in sea route trades. During those times the pearl business was a huge success and so was the potential of oil in the lands due to which Abu Dhabi was an area that was always under close observation of the entire world. Since its foundation the City has been under the rule of the Al Nahyan family and is now one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and the second most populous after Dubai. The city has been a major tourist attraction since the creation of its skyline and the extraordinary beaches. Since the early 1950’s the land is also famous for its secret underground lifestyle that not many are not aware of. Abu Dhabi is not only famous for its oil production and magnificent skyline; it is also widely visited for its ability to provide you hookers from all over the world. Abu Dhabi features its local honey tanned Arabian Escort Abu Dhabi to the more widely asked European and Russian beauties that act as the best attraction of Abu Dhabi, the company of our Escort Abu Dhabi is like the cherry on the cake when you visit Abu Dhabi for a fun and exciting vacation. More and more people from all over the world have been coming to Abu Dhabi to try out the amazing innovation that has taken place in the entire state, no less than 50 years back the area was nothing but dry and infertile land and today it is the home to some of the modern architectural marvels. Places like the marina shopping mall and the Sheikh Zayed mosque are only some of the examples. The city also has all the accessibilities of water sports, alcohol and nightclubs your stay in Abu Dhabi will be one of the best and UAE will quickly turn into your favorite holiday getaway.

Why you need Escort Abu Dhabi?

The world as we know it today has automated and modernized at a very rapid rate, more and more robots and machines are replacing humans when it comes to employment which is why more of us have to work even harder than before to keep our families happy and provide for them, but unfortunately amongst the midst of responsibility we forget that if we are not happy and satisfied ourselves we will not be able to give our best due to which we will never be successful in actually sufficiently providing for everyone around us. Escort Abu Dhabi is the savior to countless men like you, a little time given to yourself with the help of our adult companions who cater to each customer as if you are the most important person in the moment. Escort Abu Dhabi works in bringing your dreams into a reality to give you a well-deserved vacation to recharge yourself so that you can tackle the world with a smile and the yearn to return back to the new escorts waiting for you at Palesa Escort. If you are businessmen you probably have to face a lot of trouble at work, dealing with clients, keeping an eye on your employees, answering to your bosses and probably attending a lot of international meetings in industrial zones of the world like Abu Dhabi. In this time you probably don’t have a lot of time to tend to yourself due to which you start getting tensed, are diagnosed with migraines and anxiety and before you know it all the hard earned money you earned will be spent in your treatment and therapy sessions, rather than going to a doctor and talking why not take sex therapy from our hobby hookers who are professional in making men forget about their past or future and force them to only focus on their present, and you have no idea how much our customers love their present in the presence of Escort Abu Dhabi. You should not be waiting any more as Abu Dhabi has tons to offer you everything from bars to girls to relaxation and the beach. If you are a single man and are tired of the emotional distress you have to go through just to have sex than you no longer have to fret upon your life, Escort Abu Dhabi has your back. All you have to do is choose what you want from a wide variety of amazing ladies and choose the sex escort to your liking. Your tensions and stress will all be converted into a night of pleasure and breathlessness. No matter who you are or what you like when it comes to women, you can relax as you will definitely find something that you like at Escort Abu Dhabi. So we hope that we hear from you soon because our small escorts are eager to share a bed with you.

The amazing models at Escort Abu Dhabi

The models at Abu Dhabi are the materials of your dreams they are amazingly figured and are purely dedicated in making you climax again and again. Escort Abu Dhabi is not the typical prostitutes that you are accustomed to. The thing that differentiates prostitutes from an Escort Abu Dhabi is dedication. First of all a prostitute is often in the business due to human trafficking, she was forcefully brought to the state and has no other talent or source of income for which she is forced to sell her body as a service to provide for herself. These women are not focused on making a customer happy and focus on the quantity of customers rather than the quality, they will most possibly lie still in bed or your car as you fuck their lifeless bodies and as soon as you climax they will walk away. The VIP escort at Escort Abu Dhabi is really very different in their approach towards a customer. Our gorgeous models are equally invested in the sex as much as you are, if you do not have the sufficient time and are in a bit of a hurry we also have half hour escort service that will be time effective for you and will recharge you mentally and physically. The models are all very eager to have sex and take it as their hobby; they are intercourse fanatics and take it upon them to find new ways in satisfying the urges of both themselves and you their priority for the night. Let’s just say that with you being equally invested in sex with them, they will be ready to do whatever that turns you on. As long as you are enjoying these Escort Abu Dhabi will not stop. The models provide a range of services; these services include deep throating, anal sex and much more.

These erotic sex companions are from all over the world and have a ton of experience, the models are amazingly fit and have an amazing physique, and their tendency to adapt to the liking of their partner for the night is also beyond praise. Escort Abu Dhabi know how to interact with crowds in the best possible manner, while communicating they have a slight humor to their interaction which attracts attention towards them and makes them the perfect ladies to communicate with. The best thing about the affordable escort is that no one except you and her knows that she as an escort and unlike a prostitute the models at Palesa Escort do not openly announce that they are escorts, due to this trait you can take our models to any parties whether they be at a family gathering, friends Barbeque or an office after party. She could pose as your friend or even your girlfriend, that night everyone will envy you and your destiny. These Escort Abu Dhabi don’t stop when it comes to pleasure which makes them the best partners to spend the night with.

Escort Abu Dhabi believes that one of the best ways to enhance your experience of spending a night with an erotic date is by communicating with them before getting intimate, whether you consult science in this matter or simply human behavior you will realize that pre conversation about your interaction with one of our girlfriend experienced escorts will make your night and experience even better, due to this Escort Abu Dhabi has made sure that each model can converse with you in English if you are not comfortable in English than we suggest that you have a look at one of our other models who can speak different languages.

Intimate massages with the models at Escort Abu Dhabi

One of the most frequently asked services by our customers is the erotic massage service, most of our customers travel a lot to get to Abu Dhabi and once they are here they spend a lot of time commuting from one place to the other. As the attractions are in different locations of the cities and in order to save money some of the tourist find residencies or temporary settlements further away from the center of the city. Due to this a lot of the customers face health problems such as frequent headaches or backaches, something that should not be taking your time at a vacation. To fight of your tiredness, Escort Abu Dhabi provides you with amazing and beautiful models that are brilliant at giving massages. All models are trained masseuse which means that they have the ability to relax your body and make you feel happy and full of positive energy. Palesa Escort believes that you should always be in control which is why you have the choice of the kind of massage you wish to receive by our escort with pretty face.  The massage can be either just focusing on your muscles through strokes and rubs or they can also use oils on you as well, whatever you think is the best for you.

One of the most popular massages asked by our customers is the body to body massage, in this massage our verified escorts visit your hotel room to help you feel relaxed and calm. First of all Escort Abu Dhabi makes you lie down on your stomach and slowly works at your joints and muscles, this causes your muscles to relax and helps you feel calm, next these amazing models that have magical hands use lukewarm aromatic oils to rub your body. This second step uses aroma therapy and has actually been approved as a successful way to release stress and anxiety in a human body. The model first applies oils to your body and then strips naked. The model uses her own body to give you a relaxing time and work at your body at the same time; this ensures that the whole of your body receives equal attention. The body to body massage focuses on the whole of your body at the same time, this way your entire body is focused on at the same time, at Escort Abu Dhabi your comfort is guaranteed. Your erotic massage with happy end awaits you.

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Some places to stay at with Escort Abu Dhabi

There are a lot of settlement and hotel spots you can utilize too. We realize that you would presumably need the best foundation to remain in so you get the most perfect security with your private hobby hookers. Dread not on the grounds that there are a few inns that utilizers of the Palesa Escort organization like to intermittently use for a decent time in Abu Dhabi. The Villagio Hotel & Resort Abu Dhabi is one of those amazingly present day spots to live in. At this amazing temporary settlement. So it is protected to remain that this lodging has a wonderful land area. An eatery and a parlor are incorporated at this hotel. The soundproofed guestrooms offer Wi-Fi and hair dryers. Keen TVs go with cutting edge channels. This lodging is certainly a most loved of individuals who get budget friendly escort from the Palesa Escort, and with the sound proof rooms what you do with Escort Abu Dhabi stays inside your room. The Royal M Hotel and Resort is another one of those incredibly celebrated lodgings that you ought to stay in incase you need a hotel to stay at in Abu Dhabi. There are cafes available and you can get access to drinks as well. Bus transits are also close by and the hotel has free Wi-Fi access as well. The hotel is amazing and also offers a meeting space and a lounge. An air terminal vehicle that is available on request and a train station transport administration are available as well. The hotel can give specialist administrations and limo or town vehicle organization. Smoking is allowed in appointed zones at this 5-star Abu Dhabi lodging. It is by far quite obvious why men like to take models from Escort Abu Dhabi to this hotel. These are only a portion of the inns you can use for your benefit; the city is brimming with modest inns, boutique inns, VIP, easygoing and really some other kind of cabin spot you would require. You can pick the sort of vibe you are searching for and through this technique you can get the sort of room you are searching for, to furnish you with the kind of tasteful you need while going down your multiple shots included escort. Abu Dhabi is the providers of whatever you wish so do not wait and make Abu Dhabi and Escort Abu Dhabi your vacation to go to.hot girls

Attractions and Escort Abu Dhabi

As you will unquestionably come to know when you visit this city, there will be a lot of activities you can be involved with Escort Abu Dhabi. Individuals who are curious about this city regularly go to the city of modern desert not comprehending what to do or where to go so as to take advantage of their visit. We know a way that can provide you with individuals that can get you to the most perfectly awesome places for your amusement as well as get an extremely healthy and deep vibe for the city also. All things considered, no one needs to pass up on an opportunity to encounter a city as exquisite as this on their sexual trips. In any case, we additionally realize that you likely wouldn’t have any desire to pass up some genuine lewd occasions with tight pussy escort. The Palesa Escort only hires the best of the best for its clients. This is the motivation behind why we are here to let you know of all the various things you can do with your Escort Abu Dhabi in the city. You can cruise along the coast of Abu Dhabi corniche, going under heavenly expansions and spotting unbelievable sights, for instance, Al Sahil Beach and the skyline of Abu Dhabi. As you glide through attractions, make sure to look out for sheikh zayed mosque. The mosque is an amazing example of modern architecture and was created in the honor of the late leader. Once you are there also check out the Qasr Al Hosn which served as the residency for the ruling family and is the oldest building in modern Abu Dhabi. We are sure that the gorgeous Escort Abu Dhabi would love to roam around these attractions with you. After all who doesn’t care for having the option get a decent kiss on a mind blowing journey across the city? Once you are out and about why not stay late and witness the amazing night life of Abu Dhabi, the intense dancing and drinking and the late night party is certainly the best way to spend your nights on a vacation. Why not head over to the MAD YAS Island and dance until you cannot feel your legs. Dance to the beat of Dj’s and foreign music as you keep getting drinks brought to you by our young escorts.

Without a doubt, even Escort Abu Dhabi is going to cherish it here on the grounds that it is an outstanding place to be and the most wonderful of young ladies come to YAS islands in their extra time to blend and unwind. Who knows you might be in luck if you can score the phone number of a magnificent young lady and get laid in a threesome manner with our escort and the girl you picked up.  The Ferrari World is a theme park based on the sports and leisure cars company Ferrari, the park features amazing rides and museums containing some of the most iconic Ferraris you will ever see. The absolute wonderful fact about this place is that it is a place that can be enjoyed by people of any gender and age, after all who does not love a fast and leisure car. Getting a fast in and out or a pleasure kiss from your Escort Abu Dhabi on one of the rides is definitely going to be one of the vital things you will ever do on your stay. If you have to see the best point of view in Abu Dhabi from above, head over to the observation deck of Jumeirah at Etihad Towers.  These ways not only will you be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Abu Dhabi city but you will also be able to explore Etihad towers. This place has a 360 degree view of the whole of Abu Dhabi and the marina. It might be hard for you to believe us when we say that it will be one of the most magical experiences you ever have, and it will be much more magical with a glamorous elite escort by your side. Having such a moment with Escort Abu Dhabi is something that people can only imagine and dream about. You can go to the Louvre to look at exquisite artifacts and amazing works of art and history that have combined together the culture, tradition and art of Abu Dhabi. Inside the Louvre there is an exhibition that you may not easily find in the rest of the world, it has a dedicated space solely to Luxury. The exhibition contains of hundreds of items such as furniture, jewelry, art and fashion that solely represent luxury.  That, along with the infrastructure of the Louvre itself is a breath taking experience. The facts confirm that individuals don’t typically go here with their sexual accessory however on the off chance that you need to change it up in to your experience over the city with your Escort Abu Dhabi than this is unquestionably the spot to go as it is the perfect example of sophistication and yet simplicity. You shouldn’t mess up a chance to walk along the beach of Abu Dhabi.

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Everything is Discreet with Escort Abu Dhabi

One of the core issues that most men do not look for the services of Escort Abu Dhabi is that they are scared of what might the people say if they found out, the society is still not entirely on the keen of paying for the company of local escorts which is why Palesa Escort has found a solution. Every service that you opt for out of  Escort Abu Dhabi comes as discreet sex services which means that the only people that know that  you are asking for the services of an escort is you and the escort and that is it. You sexual attraction, your fetishes and requests made to the model do not get shared out in the public, this makes your one night stand your own business, and that is how it should exactly be. Palesa Escort has worked incredibly hard to perfect its ways of providing sex services to men no matter how rich and famous they are. With its incredibly professional models there is absolutely no reason for you to worry anymore. While you are

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